understand your needs

The first step in selecting the carpet that will work for you is understanding your needs. Do you have children? Pets? Which of your rooms gets a lot of traffic and everyday use? Carpet is an investment and you want to spend wisely. Taking the time to answer these questions will help you narrow your options and select the ideal carpet for each area of your home.

high traffic, pets, children: the perfect storm

  • Areas with high amounts of traffic such as the family room, hallways and stairs call for the highest-performing, most durable carpeting.
  • Households with young children, pets and lots of sneakers tracking in and out will want a carpet that is stain and soil resistant.
  • Every STAINMASTER® carpet is made from our premium nylon fibre with stain and soil protection.

get the most for your money

 most for your money
  • On the surface, many carpets look the same but the range in quality is actually quite large.
  • Investing in a carpet that is easy to maintain, retains its appearance and withstands the demands of a busy household is a much better value than selecting a slightly cheaper alternative that will need to be replaced quickly.

starting to plan your space

plan your space
  • Write down the rooms you want to carpet, the amount of traffic they experience, their approximate size and how much light they get.
  • Think about your expectations for the carpet in each room. Are you mainly concerned about how it will look and feel as a formal dining room or do you want it to stand up to pets, children and countless indoor games?
  • Think about colours. Smaller rooms can be made to feel larger with lighter carpeting and larger rooms can be cosier with mid-to-darker carpets. Also remember that high use areas may not be the best place for white or very light carpet.