STAINMASTER® carpet with EverSoft SDN fibre is the softest and most luxurious STAINMASTER® carpet yet. The secret behind the softness is the inclusion of a specially engineered fine denier fibre, making this new collection much softer to touch than other carpets.

We asked Harry Hart, grandson of Aussie art great Pro Hart, how soft EverSoft is compared to a variety of soft items. Check out the videos below.


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EverSoft is an advanced solution dyed nylon (SDN) fibre. This means that your home will benefit from the stain blocking technology and resilience of STAINMASTER® carpet combined with the fade resistance of SDN. Thanks to this unique marriage of technologies, your carpets will look better for longer because STAINMASTER® carpet with EverSoft SDN fibre will withstand years of the usual wear and tear that comes with everyday living.

Other advantages of STAINMASTER® carpet with EverSoft SDN fibre include:

  • Unlike conventionally dyed carpets, it won’t lose its colour even if cleaned with harsh cleaning solutions.
  • EverSoft has been specially developed to resist the harmful effects of ultra violet light and airborne contaminates such as ozone.
  • STAINMASTER® carpet with EverSoft SDN fibre comes with all the warranties consumers have come to expect from STAINMASTER® carpet – including 15 year limited warranties for stain and fade resistance, soil resistance and abrasive wear which, unlike many other warranties on carpet, do not depreciate in value during the life of the carpet.

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