limited warranties

STAINMASTER® carpet limited warranties

Because we know life happens - spills, soiling and messy kids - lifetime warranty protection on stain, soiling, and anti-static is now available on each of the following STAINMASTER® brands:

The STAINMASTER® carpet Limited Warranties offer lifetime coverage on:

  • All food and beverage stains
  • Soiling
  • Static shock

Each STAINMASTER® carpet brand also carries limited warranties on fade resistance and abrasive wear.

The details of the Limited Warranties referred to above are fully explained in the STAINMASTER® carpet Limited Warranties brochure available for download here or from your retailer or by calling 1800 335 624 (Australia) or 0800 468 420 (New Zealand). These Limited Warranties do not in any way limit other legal rights consumers may have under applicable Consumer Laws in Australia and New Zealand.

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