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Best Use ofLiving Space

Whether you've downsized to a new place or simply want to do more with the space you've got, taking advantage of an outside area can be a great way to extend your usable living space.

Porches and patios - covered or open, large or small - can provide all kinds of practical benefits. They're visually pleasing when viewed from the inside living space, and they can provide an extra area for lounging, dining and family time. From the tiniest townhouse patio to the grandest of sprawling gardens, all outdoor spaces offer plenty of possibilities to explore.

Choosing your priorities

If you live in a colder climate, there are two things you may want to consider: First, think about how you and your family would like to use the outside space when it's warm. Secondly, imagine what you'd like to see through your frosted window in the wintertime - a bare deciduous tree, perhaps? Those lucky ones among us who enjoy warmer weather year-round might consider a water feature, such as a fountain, or even a rug to create an "outside interior".

Things to Remember

  • Create comfort - Every home deserves a personal retreat for relaxation.
  • Choose a focal point - Use texture or varying heights to create a visual point of interest.
  • Embrace colour - Use a bright scheme or a one-colour/monochromatic scheme to keep things visually unified.
  • Think green - Incorporating sustainable products gives you yet another reason to feel great about your new space!

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