2018 ColourTrends and Carpet

2018 Colour Trends and Carpet

Is it time to tick off the home renovation for real this year? We’ve selected the ‘need-to-know’ interiors trends for 2018 so you can be armed with inspiration and information to pick up a pen and start planning. You’ll want these modern updates in your home ASAP!


Those in the know will take a shine to silver, pink toned and brass metallics this year – copper is a thing of the past! Instantly make a space look modern with high shine furnishings, but choose plush upholstery and throws to up the homely factor. Metal chairs or table legs for instance can be as geometric as they are elegant. Choose dark blue to grey carpeting (like STAINMASTER® SolarMax® Verve in Titanium) to really make it pop!

Natural Textures

Our homes are often our sanctuaries and places of peace, so it makes sense they would mirror mother nature. Blend wooden furnishings and cork details into your space and even implement some reclaimed or recycled wood. Better yet, re-upholster couches and wing backed chairs to up the eco-friendly factor!

Let nature speak for itself with a floor to ceiling window, letting the light in. Keep the carpeting a warm neutral shade, (like STAINMASTER® SolarMax Inscape in Rockfall)for a polished finish. This range is fade resistant so it’s perfect for rooms with large windows or glass doors backing onto outdoor areas.


Have you considered investing in a custom wood setting by your local carpenter? It might be time, with minimal Scandinavian furnishings on the way out this year. Wood is trending toward the dark end of the spectrum, which is perfect for creating a cozy ‘micro zone’. Maybe insert a TV cabinet in your relaxation space or even partition a luxe home office or study from wood. Did we mention this trend applies to the kitchen? Delve into mixed benchtop finishes like marble and wood, and let your guests marvel at the handiwork.

Tailor your wares to STAINMASTER® SolarMax® carpeting in Dark Grey (like Stylex Stormcloud) to best compliment this look. Your flooring can reveal the underlying character of a space, which is why cozy, STAINMASTER® carpeting make a house a ‘home’.

Accent Colours

Using a few fresh colours in small quantities is the quickest way to lift your design scheme. Try vivid new cushions, bright door knobs, indoor plants, floral art prints, soft furnishings and interior accessories for an update on the cheaper scale.

You’ll be surprised at the mood colours carry in your space. Yellow for instance, brings about a sense of discovery whilst soft, muted greens like sage or olive indicate a nurturing energy. Earthiness from warm reds and pinks will also promote warmth this year. To master the look, keep the couch (or bedding) and flooring in the same shade. Pair back pops of colour with cool neutral flooring, like STAINMASTER® SolarMax® (Verve range in Rainstorm or Inscape range in Olive Grey). That way, you can work from the floor-up.

Happy home-making!

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