Ultra VioletHow to style 2018's colour of the year

Ultra Violet 2018 colour of the year 

It’s that time of year when Pantone decides upon the colour of the year, which leads the way as far as interior and design trends go. They analyse world around us, from tech to fashion, art and design to come to the decision. This year’s colour, Ultra Violet, is mysterious, spiritual and promotes contemplation. Whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist, read on for our advice on how to incorporate this jewel tone into your aesthetic.

Slight variances in tint or tone

For your children’s rooms, pair back Ultra Violet with softer but similar colours like baby pink, jacaranda, plum and rose. Small accents like clocks, toys, bookshelves and bedding are on trend additions. We recommend creamy white carpeting like this

Make a statement

Ultra Violet 2018 colour decor

Purple and yellow are an unlikely yet complimentary pairing – they’re opposite on the colour wheel, after all. Pops of marigold or sunflowers (in the literal sense, or the colour) work well. We like to think the look is vivid, yet balanced. If that’s too much, try pastels in complimentary earth tones such as blues, olives and browns. Did someone say, ‘cozy’? See our carpet pick, here.

Think royal

The deep purple colour that is Ultra Violet has been historically associated with power and regalia. Take a style cue from centuries past with plush velvet bedding or a wing back chair in the 2018 hue of the year. A glass vase or bowl filled with faux gems and crystals (on a shelf above the kids can touch) is our favourite idea for an easy dash of opulence. To offset the drama, pair with cool light grey carpet like this.

Stir things up in the kitchen

As they say, life is what you bake of it! Take Ultra Violet to the heart of the house with vibrant cookware. Mugs, ceramics, plates and tea towels also look great. For best results, ensure the rest of your kitchen and dining is neutral.

Keep it minimal

If you’re not about extravagant changes but still want to jump on board, keep it small.

A purple and navy combination marries well with almost white carpeting, whilst still maintaining the integrity of Ultra Violet. This will help to draw the eye from the top of your room to your flooring. Or try it in reverse, with blue carpeting, white walls and splashes of Ultra Violet!

Up the ante

Dedicate one wall in your home to  the spirited hue and let your creativity flourish. It will be as fun to live in as it is to decorate! Channel art deco vibes with vibrant Ultra Violet art prints, white wood and a neutral coloured couch. Forget playing it safe with silver and add gold cushions, throws and a metallic coffee table. A statement coat of Ultra Violet paint also bodes well with monochromatic accents and carpeting. Try our deepest shade with this flooring.

What are you waiting for? Hop hue it!  

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