How to style a roomwith dark carpet

How to Style a Room with Dark Carpet

Sick of playing it safe with light coloured carpet but aren’t sure how to make dark carpet really pop? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up the latest in interior trends to make dark carpet an asset to your space.

Bold Hues

Complement the richness of earthy brown, black and dark grey carpeting with even more drama. Add furniture and ornamental accents in plums, reds and oranges for unparalleled sophistication. Perfect for making a statement in your entertaining - dining or living - rooms.

STAINMASTER(R) EverSoft(R) carpet from Victoria Carpets


Reflective and glass surfaces will maintain the moodiness without darkening your room. Think silver coffee tables, golden bed side tables, mirrors and chandelier-inspired lighting.

Dark carpet with mirror side table

White walls

Draw the eye from dark STAINMASTER® carpet, upwards with white walls. For a sophisticated feel, gradate natural tones across each wall in the living room. Add some black and white artwork and colourful cushions (think pastel pink, mustard or baby blue) to really up the X factor!

STAINMASTER® SolarMax® carpet Stylex Malt


Complementing bed linen

Match your STAINMASTER® bedroom carpet shade to your duvet. Pair back with stark white neutral sheets popping from underneath. Alternatively, a white duvet and a similar shade throw to your carpet will do the trick!

 C05465 warehouse bedroom2

Get textured

Don’t be afraid to lay a printed or faux fur rug over your deep hued carpet. It’s an easy and cost-effective way to add depth without being permanent. Update your bedroom with a light hued velvet headboard or fluffy cushions for a similar effect!

Will you make the dark carpet switch today?




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