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12 Stains of STAINMASTER® carpetChristmas

1 Candle Wax

On the first day of Christmas my true love said to me, “candlewax spilled on the carpet near the tree!”

Candles are beautiful on the table setting, but a truly scary stain. A detergent solution will do the trick on dried wax.

Candle wax

2 Gravy

On the second day of Christmas my true love got down on one knee – spilling two boats worth of gravy… not that thing with a ring that you’d expect to see!

It’s all fun and games until someone spills the gravy. Be sure to have a plate underneath the gravy boat to prevent any table spills. For carpet stains, be sure to blot from the outside – in. 


3 Eggnog

On the third day of Christmas my step daughter who is three – cracked open three eggnog cartons to be cleaned up by thee.

Originating in the 13th century, the milky drink that is eggnog is a Christmas staple. Keep the alcoholic version for the adults. For any spillage, spot test before applying to an entire area. 

4 Pudding

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love spilled on me, four puddings saucing – boy was it a messy sight to see.

Whether it’s traditional, chocolate or brandy-vanilla flavoured, pudding sauce is a sure-fire dripper. How about serving in individual pots to alleviate potential sauce accidents?  

5 Trifle

On the fifth day of Christmas my father said to me – “how about that trifle this year, oui oui?”

Layers upon layers upon layers. Just like cream, your Underlay system can be thin and heavy or thick and light. Read up on our foam facts here.

6 Turkey

On the sixth day of Christmas my toddler looked at thee, (covered in turkey stuffing) because we left the baby gate open and free!

They don’t call the stage “terrible two’s” for nothing…

7 Custard

On the seventh day of Christmas, my nephew said to me, the custard spilled on the carpet OMG!

The one that announces the mess seldom takes the blame. Have a schedule of Christmas games after the main feast so little ones are less inclined to play with their food. 



8 Prawns

On the eighth day of Christmas I thought out loud (whoopsie), it’s not a Christmas without prawns sizzling on the bar-bie.

Be sure to clean prawn juice and shell spills immediately as seafood – especially prawns –  can leave a pungent smell.

9 Pavlova

On the ninth day of Christmas my neighbour said to me, “here’s a Chrissy pav for you” and I immediately filled with glee.

That’s the good type of surprise! The bad one lies in the aftermath when guests go home. It may be time to invest in STAINMASTER® carpet. Check out our chic dining room styling ideas!

10 Mulled Wine

 On the tenth day of Christmas I was feeling quite fancy, with 10 wines mulling and my favourite cuppa tea.

We all know that someone notorious for spilling their drinks, so never make the wine too hot to avoid your guests (and carpet) from wearing it! If you do over cook it, refer to our wine spill guide

Mulled wine

11 Fruit Mince Pies

On the eleventh day of Christmas my cousin came to see, eleven mince pies baking. She didn’t see the mess but she said, “I can’t believe it’s so easy”.

So, you made your dough and fruit mix late at night, but butter was strewn everywhere from baking? A simple vinegar solution will remove that stain before the guests arrive!

12 Ham Glaze

On the twelfth day of Christmas the family came to agree, drizzling Aunty Karen’s spare ham glaze really upped the Chrissy lunch ante.


Get full, get jolly and have a Merry Christmas.


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