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Why Carpet forKids

 It's tempting to say that carpets and kids are an unfortunate match. Carpets in children's rooms are just another thing to keep clean. But if you think that way you wouldn't bother painting the walls either, or buying new clothes for your little ones.

The important thing is to choose carpets that are food and drink stain resistant, dry-soil resistant, and easy to clean. Then, you can concentrate on all the good reasons for laying carpet in bedrooms and playrooms. And there are plenty.

1 - Noise reduction

Naturally, your little darlings are as quiet as mice. But you have less control over the volume of their playmates.

Carpets dampen the sound of construction toys, recorders, and the theme from Frozen; and reduce echo if your child has discovered yodelling.

A good quality underlay will keep the playroom even quieter, helping muffle the sound of elephant herds moving through the area.

2 - Cosiness

On a cold winter's morning what would you prefer to sit on when organising a tea party for visitors from the cuddly toy box? Floorboards or carpet?

Carpets provide a warm nurturing atmosphere for the kids, and may even lengthen their attention span (though this last theory has absolutely no scientific validity). In warmer months the insulating properties of carpet can keep a room cooler too.

3 - Softness

Try the toe test. Do your feet feel better enclosed in a slipper, walking on floorboards? Or nestling in carpet, and free to breathe and wriggle?

Breathing and wriggling win every time. Particularly where kids are concerned.

4 - Damage limitation

Softer landings can be important in bedrooms and playrooms, for vulnerable toys and electronic devices as well as budding gymnasts.

5 - Creativity

A final great thing about carpet for kids is you can be more adventurous with colour and design than you would be elsewhere in the house.

So let your creativity flow, knowing it's only the kids that have to live with your wildest dreams.

And just a reminder, as if you need one if you have children:

Choose carpets that are food and drink stain resistant, dry-soil resistant, and easy to clean, such as STAINMASTER® carpet.

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