STAINMASTER® EverSoft® carpet

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Are softness and comfort high on your wish list for carpet? We have the perfect carpet for you. STAINMASTER® EverSoft® carpet is manufactured from specially engineered fibres to give it an incredibly soft, luxurious feel, all without sacrificing the durability you have come to expect from STAINMASTER® carpet.


Don’t worry about the next time that you spill something on the carpet. STAINMASTER® EverSoft® carpet has stain resistance to resist food and drink stains. So the next time you (or someone else) spills something on the carpet, don’t panic. It will be a cinch to clean.


You don’t have to sacrifice the softness for performance. STAINMASTER® EverSoft® carpet is known to be durable and easy to clean, so you can relax about all those feet walking across your carpet. Most importantly, the scientific properties of your carpet help it maintain its original appearance, so you don’t worry about your carpet the next time you have guests. 

 STAINMASTER® EverSoft® SDN carpet is manufactured by Victoria Carpets.


Because carpeting is not an off-the-shelf product, it requires a professional retailer to assist you with selection, planning, and installation. Prices for installation and other materials vary by retailer and geographic location. For specific price information on your favourite products, please contact your closest STAINMASTER® carpet retailer.

Price range

$45 - $90
per square metre

$405 - $810
for a 3 x 3 room

Approximate cost for carpet, carpet underlay, and carpet installation

For patterned carpets, this price range does not account for pattern match requirements. Price ranges reflect a fair representation of a typical carpet price based on style and face weight, average installation changes and carpet underlay costs. Actual costs vary depending on product selected and local market.