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STAINMASTER® carpets are designed for easy care. Just a bit of regular maintenance will keep your carpet looking its best. For those times you do need a little help, we’re here for you. Discover carpet cleaning solutions for tough stains and real messes. Accidents do happen. Future-proof your carpet and erase the evidence.


Don’t worry—there isn’t much to it. Your STAINMASTER® carpet is durable, food & drink stain-resistant and designed to look and feel good for longer. We know spills happen. Life is messy. Read our Carpet Stain Removal Guide to learn how to remove a large number of different stains, from red wine and tomato sauce, even candle wax. STAINMASTER® carpet is designed to last for many years, and with a little easy care, it will keep looking good for longer.


While other carpets can succumb to the rigours of everyday life, STAINMASTER® carpet is designed to look better for longer. No matter what style or colour you choose, you can help your STAINMASTER® carpet to look its best with a few simple maintenance tips.

Or consult our handy carpet stain removal guide to tackle those pesky stains from life’s little mishaps.


Learn everything you need to know about STAINMASTER® carpet. From pricing, to the type of quality fibre we use, through to carpet colours, styles, heights, thicknesses and more! Our carpet guide will tell you all you need so you can make an informed decision on which STAINMASTER® carpet is right for your family and your home.


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