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5 Signs Your CarpetNeeds Replacing

5 signs your carpet needs replacing

Eyes travel from the floor up. When walking into a new space, flooring is one of the first things we see and feel. While there isn’t an ‘expiration date’, your flooring makes a lasting impression when someone walks into your home by updating your carpeting.

Not sure if you’re ready to update what’s underfoot? Asses with our questions below.


Q: What’s that smell?

A: You’ve cleaned up spill after stain, so your carpet won’t smell new forever. Whether it be makeup or wine, over time some spill smells may linger. Low quality carpet and carpet underlay may not be able to cope with years of spills and stains. Since the carpet underlay is unreachable with your sponge, it may be time to invest in a new STAINMASTER® carpet teamed with a STAINMASTER® carpet underlay.


Q: Why is this patch wet?

A: We expect a clean, dry and soft layer when we walk from room to room. If you notice mould or mildew over time, this is a sign of excess moisture. Low-grade carpet can tend to produce ridges or wrinkles when stretched due to high humidity levels. 


Q: Does your carpet look like its seen better days?

A: In the home, nothing last forever. Your carpeting may show ‘tracking’ or marks from wear. STAINMASTER® carpet however, is made from durable nylon fibre. This helps to significantly reduce signs of wear typical of cheaper carpets which is important for active families and high traffic areas of homes. Learn more about our STAINMASTER® carpet and STAINMASTER® carpet underlay solution here.


Q: Is it still 1960?

A: It isn’t and it’s your carpet crying for a makeover. Flooring is a cost effective way to bring life back into your home. Colours change over time and carpet manufacturers are constantly updating ranges to match today’s trends. From cool, light grey to deep, warm grey, STAINMASTER® carpet has you covered in over 50 shades. Typically, lighter colours work well for smaller sized rooms and darker colours look fresh when paired with a light colour paint on the walls. 


Q: Does my household have hay fever?

A: A sniffle and sneeze may have more to do with your home than the season. Mites, pollen, pet hair and dust tend to accumulate in old carpets, which is a problem for those that are allergy prone. However, it’s easy to remove these particles from STAINMASTER® carpet when regularly vacuumed. We recommend short pile carpet is best for those that are sensitive as there is less depth for particles to be trapped, making it easy to clean thoroughly.


Whilst you should need to take into account the amount of foot traffic your home has, most good quality carpets should last around 10 years, provided they have been cleaned and cared for correctly.

The STAINMASTER® carpet brand has been on the market for more than 30 years and has stood the test of time. With this peace of mind, you can feel confident that when choosing a STAINMASTER® carpet, you are choosing a carpet that will keep looking and feeling wonderful for many years to come.


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