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Which carpet fibre is best for your home

Life is messy, and your house should be a place for truly living in, so which carpet will look great over time, work with your space, and most importantly, be easy to clean? When it comes to cleanability of carpet there are two types of mess you’ll need to think about. The occasional spills, often from food and drink, and the everyday soiling from dirt being walked in on the bottom of your shoes or the paws of your pet.

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Why Nylon is a superhero fibre

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5 tips for a quieter home

You’ve been looking forward to Sunday morning all week…just you, the newspaper, and a cup of coffee. A little peace and quiet after a long week. Quiet, that is, except for the kids’ incessant arguing, the rhythmic thumping of the washing machine, the day’s news spilling out of a nearby television and the energetic bark of your neighbour’s beloved Jack Russell Terrier. Read on for 5 tips for a quieter home!

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