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Carpet Colour Trends and Tips To HelpYou Choose Your Carpet

Choosing the right carpet colour can be a daunting process. Unlike fashion trends for interior furnishings such as cushions, throws and homewares (which change each year), carpet trends can have a much slower pace of change. Also, your floors occupy a significant amount of the surface area in any room and so the carpet colours you choose can dramatically change the way a room feels.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a few carpet colour trends and tips to help you make the right choice for 2017, 2018 and beyond. Let’s face it, a carpet style and colour is something you need to love for years to come.

Read on and then check out our carpet range to start narrowing down your choice or use our carpet selector to make a decision.

Fancy a stipple?

Stipple is where yarns with two or more colours (stipple) are used to create a carpet with a beautiful blend of shades. Can’t decide whether to go light or dark with your carpet choice? Consider stipple. It’s versatile because you can have the best of both worlds – light and dark mixed together. This colour will also open up the option to be more creative with the rest of your room.

The neutrals aka the classics

neutral carpet

Neutral colours continue to be popular, not least because they give you the most freedom when it comes to choosing the colour of your walls and furniture. Beiges, taupes, mushrooms and creams go well with many colour schemes so if you are looking to add a lot of colour to the room through cushion, throws and paint, these are the colours for you. The neutrals are also your best bet if you like changing things up from time to time. Just like a classic car, song or book these colours are timeless!


Grey gardens

grey carpet1

Grey is sophisticated, strong and stable. It creates a sense of calm and composure. Light and dark grey carpets such as charcoal continue to be popular due to their versatility. Grey carpets can be beautifully matched with white walls, brighter statement walls or even warm neutral paint colours to create an air of sophistication.


Be bold and blue-tiful!

Blue Carpet

Blue is a calming colour and, according to Dulux, it’s the colour of the moment – Dulux’ colour of the year 2017 is a shade of blue called ‘Denim Drift’. Having a blue carpet can promote both physical and mental relaxation. Use lighter blues to create a calming effect or make a sophisticated statement with indigo and denim tones. Of course, you could always be bold and pack a punch by pairing a darker blue carpet with white walls.


Let there be white

white carpet

Pale whites are popular for teaming with darker walls, particularly the vibrant emerald greens and earthy reds we are starting to see in paint colours. Having a light carpet can really open your room up, just as brighter carpets can create a sense of movement and vibrancy. If you’re looking to carpet a small room, consider white to create a sense of space.  


Brown won’t let you down

brown carpet

Brown carpets continue to be very fashionable (particularly those with more of a red base). Brown often represents structure, support and dependability. It’s also earthy and it’s comforting. A good choice if you’re carpeting a space to be used for relaxation.  

Of course, you can always choose different carpet colours for different rooms to give them each a personality. The kids can have a playful blue in the rumpus room and you can have a sophisticated charcoal in your retreat. Or, break up floor boards with soft carpeting in bold and impactful colours on the staircase. Your home is your canvas…so go forth and create your own masterpiece! 

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