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How Interiors AffectYour Mood

Home is the treasure chest of living. It’s where we come to retreat each day, tuck into a meal and get ready each morning. Easily change the spatial, natural and textural elements in your home to elevate your thoughts (and your day) with our tips below!


Ceiling height can often go over one’s head (pun intended), but it’s crucial in room design. A high ceiling promotes feelings of spaciousness and freedom. Comfy, neutral flooring allow personality to shine through with furniture and accents. Keep flooring and walls on the neutral spectrum to make your room feel bigger. If your room is on the petite side, use small scale furniture and mirrors to create an intimate yet spacious vibe. Hot tip: there’s less to clean!

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Upon entering, give your guests a whiff of essential oil diffusing or candles burning. Scent is reported to affect our confidence and boost our overall mood. Fresh blooms throughout the home are also a big plus. House plants are known to clean the air, improve concentration and reduce anxiety. Elevate your aural sense too with a bespoke relaxation playlist to further encourage relaxation and positive vibes.

How interiors affect your mood


Marie Kondo’ your home and keep the things that spark joy and toss those that don’t. Clutter is on the spectrum between minimalism and hoarding so keep trinkets that truly inspire you. It’s no secret cleanliness brings clarity and organisation to life. Don’t fill space for the sake of it, as minimalists know, less is more.

How interiors affect your mood


The presence of light is key. Think natural light from large windows, a sunroom or ambient lighting in the kitchen and bedroom to positively alter the mood. Daylight is a natural happiness booster, not to mention, it elevates your vitamin D quota! 

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Colour is a huge factor influencing our disposition. The key is to apply the right hue in the right place. Red is often seen as passionate and can make you hungrier, so keep it out of the kitchen. Yellow spurs happiness and creativity whilst purple is for more spiritual zones. Green and blue are known to be the most soothing of the colour wheel as they simulate nature.

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Always pair bold colours with neutral flooring to create balance. Grey carpet enables a cosy feeling whilst black fosters minimalism, power and elegance. Light colours for flooring – creams and whites – not only open up rooms and increase our perception of space but bring about a sense of peace.




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