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How to choose the perfect carpet for kids' bedrooms


You just moved into a new house, or it’s time to redo the kids’ bedrooms. You already know your kids need durable carpeting, but did you know you can also make it an awesome bonding experience? Here are some ideas on how to choose the perfect carpet for kids’ bedrooms with your kids - because every child should love their room.

Open the conversation

Kids are creative - and their bedrooms should allow them to express that creativity. “Depending on their age, encouraging self expression and evolving tastes are important to keep in mind,” says Warren Sheets of Warren Sheets Design, Inc. from San Francisco in the United States. “Make it a collaborative process by [discussing] different styles and ideas together.”

Visuals help, too, as any designer knows. Incorporate drawings, a collage, or even a Pinterest board into the idea session. Don’t forget to include your child’s favourite things such as toys or clothing that could serve as inspiration for the carpet’s colour, pattern, or texture.

DIY projects can be fun for both you and your kids - plus, this helps your child explore his or her taste and create happy memories for all parties involved.

Ensure the comfortability

The floor is your kids’ playground. They play games on the floor, read books, and play with the dog. When choosing carpet for kids - especially the young ones - find one that’s soft and cushy.

You can also try the “barefoot test”: walking on a carpet sample without shoes and socks. If taking your shoes off in the store will get you some funny looks, use your hand to feel for comfort. This can be a fun game to play if you have the kids at the store with you.

Prepare for compromises

When you invest in well-made carpet, it can last from preschool to high school. You’ll need to consider the quality of the carpet, but also the colour and style. And, neutral patterns and colours can grow with your child, so steer clear of that trendy animal pattern that’s making a comeback. You might regret it in a couple of years.

This likely won’t be the last time your kid wants to switch up the style and theme of the room, too. So a bright pink carpet for kids could just be compromised for a pink wall colour instead - complete with rainbows and unicorns! Or, consider art accent pieces and comforters that will match their tastes.

Remember the rug

If your child dreams of being an astronaut and is set on getting carpet that looks like outer space, you can always get an area rug with planets and rocket ships. Then you can switch it out when he’s decided he actually wants to become a vet.

“Make it easy to alter things when necessary without having to undergo a complete do-over,” Sheets advises. So, William’s green carpet might be better as an area rug. Or if he’s really not budging on the green carpet, try using it in a small, enclosed space like a closet.

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