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Ways To Use YourLeftover Flooring


Got leftover carpet from your home renovation project? Carpet remnants can go a long way in providing practical uses for your home or fixing a simple problem.

Planning a flooring project? Most homeowners will purchase more material than they need.

That’s because you’ll use the extra carpet for closets and other areas. Go ahead. Order a little more. Carpet remnants can be used in some pretty neat, practical ways around the house, such as sensory boards for kids, pet beds, or these other great ideas:


Cushion for the pet crate

cushion for the pet crate

Animal experts say crates are one of the most successful ways to toilet train your pet. A little cushy carpet inside the crate makes it a cozy home, and you can add carpet under the crate to prevent scratches and dents on your floor.


Make a cat scratching post

cat scratching post

Speaking of animals, use leftover carpet to make a scratching post for your cat.


Under the washing machine

Slip a few pieces under the feet of your washing machine to keep the noise down in the laundry room.


In the garden

Using leftover carpet in the garden

Save your knees—in the garden or anywhere else you use a little elbow grease—with some rolled-up carpet remnants.


Move heavy furniture

Moving furniture across hard surfaces? Slip carpet remnants under the furniture, pile side down, and push it across the floor.


Soundproof a music room

Lou Lockwood, a senior interior designer in the USA behind many of the STAINMASTER® brand photo shoots, shared this flooring idea: She used leftover carpet to soundproof a friend’s music practice room. She put carpet on the walls and ceiling for the drummer’s studio above the garage.


Enhance your furniture

Use carpet remnants as a topper for a piece of furniture such as a bench, or use rolled-up pieces of carpet as a unique way to make a cushion. 


Donate it to local animal shelters

donate leftover carpet to animal shelters

Our favourite leftover flooring idea: Give it to a shelter and improve the lives of the “residents” there. “They need love and beddies, too!” says Lockwood.


Cover a workbench

Use leftover carpet to make a protective cover for your home workbenches.


Tyre traction in the mud 

Stash a few carpet remnants in the boot of your car to put under the tyres if you or a friend’s car gets stuck in mud.


Extra protection in storage containers

Use carpet in your storage containers for an added layer of protection for all your favorite fragile things, from holiday ornaments to family keepsakes.


Support exercise equipment

Place carpet remnants under exercise equipment, such as indoor bike trainers, weight benches, and elliptical machines, to help prevent indentions in your carpet.


Use underlay instead of foam for a DIY project

And as a bonus idea, use leftover carpet underlay instead of buying foam for your DIY projects, such as a padded headboard or an upholstered bench for your entry way.



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