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Which carpet fibre is bestfor your home

Life is messy, and your house should be a place for truly living in, so which carpet will look great over time, work with your space, and most importantly, be easy to clean? When it comes to cleanability of carpet there are two types of mess you’ll need to think about. The occasional spills, often from food and drink, and the everyday soiling from dirt being walked in on the bottom of your shoes or the paws of your pet.


Which fibre is best?



 Natural, luxurious and gorgeous to look at, wool has been a traditional carpet choice for decades. However, natural fibres can be more prone to stains than some other man-made fibres.


Polypropylene, polyester & triexta

These synthetic fibres perform well when it comes to cleaning up spills or stains, but not as effectively on soil resistance and durability, meaning signs of wear and tear may become more apparent over time.



Nylon is a man-made fibre that is a popular choice for carpets in busy, family homes. However, not all nylon carpets are created equal. For a carpet that is resistant to spills from food and drink, and also to dirt tracked in from outside, choose a premium nylon fibre and a carpet that has been manufactured to meet rigorous performance specifications. A premium nylon carpet will also give the added benefit of durability – and we all want our carpet to look better for longer.

 Premium nylon fibre withstands life's messes


So how do I keep nylon carpet clean?



Most food and drink stains can be removed from a premium nylon carpet using the products we all have in our kitchen; water, dishwashing liquid and sometimes vinegar. For an in-depth look at the best way to handle particular stains, check out our carpet stain removal guide.


Everyday soiling

STAINMASTER® carpet is designed to last for years and years, and it lasts even longer with a bit of easy care. Regular vacuuming will prevent dry-soil building up and a steam clean of your nylon carpet every 18 months will give the carpet a thorough, deep down clean, hopefully extending the life of your carpet in the process. We suggest you steer well clear of dry-cleaning as it can be abrasive and cause damage to the fibres in your carpet.

 Dirty shoes on carpet



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