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Which Carpet isBest for Kids

Carpets add warmth and cosiness to kids' bedrooms and playrooms, and feel great under little bare feet.

Better still, they can:

  • dampen the noise of the young ones,
  • provide insulation against cold and heat, and
  • help absorb the impact of dropped toys and electronic devices (as well as budding gymnasts!).

Choose an easy cleaning carpet

Where kids are involved, keeping carpets clean is a major consideration. The last thing parents want is to stress about dirty shoes and occasional spills spoiling the look of bedroom or playroom carpet.

Luckily, modern carpet technology has taken care of that problem. So:

  • Tip: Make sure you choose a dry-soil resistant and food and drink stain resistant carpet such as STAINMASTER® carpet. The fibres in these carpets help to repel spilled liquids and reduce the accumulation of dry-soil.

There's not much you can do about accidents occurring, but the special stain prevention technology in STAINMASTER® carpet makes it easy to clean.

Keep it soft

It can be tempting to choose hard wearing flooring thinking it will cope with the toughest abuse. However that risks compromising on all the benefits we've covered already, such as cosiness, insulation and impact absorption. So:

  • Tip: Choose a carpet that's durable, but still soft underfoot.

Match your finish to your kids

To some extent, your choice of finish can depend on how physical your kids are, and what they like doing. Some may consider their bedroom to be a place where they do everything they'd do outdoors, only indoors. For others their bedroom may be a place of peace and tranquillity (in many parents' dreams!).

Naturally, design comes into the equation too.

  • Tip: For a smooth, luxurious look choose plush cut pile. This carpet features      densely packed, upright-standing pile that can have pictures 'drawn' in it by creative little fingers. This look is similar to the light and dark effect on suede. So if you don't like the uneven look of suede, you probably won't like a plush cut-pile carpet.
  • Tip: For a more forgiving finish, consider a textured cut pile with tightly twisted yarn. Also known as hard twist pile or frieze. This textured look is quite forgiving of footprints.
  • Tip: For a more modern touch, and a great surface for driving cars on, choose      loop pile. The loops in this carpet can be cut to varying heights to give a textured style and finish.

Enjoy being creative

When choosing carpet for kids, make the most of the fact that you can be more adventurous with colour and design than you would be elsewhere in the house.

You can match the mood of your kids, or even try to change it. Either way, an appropriate colour blend is thought to enhance a sense of wellbeing and stimulate creativity. Alternatively, get right up to date and follow the monochrome design trend for kids rooms, choosing blacks, whites and greys.

And don't forget, the kids will enjoy helping you choose their carpet. After all, they will be the ones living with it, and playing on it.

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